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Creation of the Institute of Geodesy began on January 24, 1945. This day Geodetic Department of the Lviv Polytechnic Institute was established. It continued the best traditions of Lviv geodetic school, established in the eighteenth century.

Teaching geodesy began in Lviv Polytechnic in 1844. First in Ukraine Department of Geodesy and spherical astronomy began to work in June 18, 1871. It was headed by Professor Dominic Zbrozhek. In 1878 the Department opened an astronomical observatory. In 1884 Department of Geodesy and spherical astronomy was splited into two: geodesy (Head – S. Vidt) and spherical astronomy and higher geodesy (V. Laska since November 1885). In 1901 at the initiative of professor Vaclav Laska the seismic station was established. In 1908 Department of spherical astronomy and higher geodesy was headed by L. Grabowski, in 1912 K. Vaigel became head of the department of geodesy. In 1921 the geodetic division with three departments was established in Lviv Polytechnic on the Engineering Faculty.

In January 1945, sole in Ukraine Geodetic Facuulty  was established. It included the departments of Geodesy, Higher geodesy, Astronomy, Photogrammetry, and Cartography. A. Motornyy was appointed as a Dean of the Faculty.

In 1952 on the faculty new department of Engineering Geodesy was established. Later during this year the Geodetic Faculty was joined with departments of geological fields of  the Oil faculty and was renamed as Geological- Reconnoitering faculty with dean professor M.Myhal (1952 -1957). So in addition to surveying professions, the faculty began training in the field: “Geology and reconnoitering of oil and gas fields” and “Geophysical methods of exploration of oil and gas fields.”

In 1956 new specialty  “Aerial photo geodesy” had been established on the faculty and began training the engineers on this speciality. At the same time the distance learning on the specialities of “Aerial photo geodesy” and “Geodesy” was organised.

In 1959 Geological- Reconnoitering faculty was reorganized and geodetic faculty was established on the base of geodetic departments. The Dean of   Faculty  was associate professor O. Zavodovskyi (1958 – 1961).

In 2001 on the base of Geodetic Faculty of Lviv Polytechnic National University the Institute of Geodesy was founded and its director was professor P. Zazulyak.

Totaly since 1896 till 1995, Lviv geodetic school produced more than 7500 professionals. Among theme are well known scientists E. Vilkevych, M. Pashkevych, Y. Kozhuhovskyi, T. Kalish, M. Vrona, Ch. Kameda, T. Blahut, K. Vaigel, I. Monin, A. Ostrovskyi, J. Yatskiv, V. Kyslyuk, M. Andronati, J. Djun, P. Baran, J. Kostezka, P. Pavliv; O. Dorozhynskyy, B. Djuman, O. Marchenko, L. Perovych, P. Zazulyak, I. Trevoho, P. Chernyaha, P. Dvulit, F. Zablotskij, O. Moroz,  K. Burshtynska, K. Tretyak, S. Savchuk, V. Hlotov.

Over 60% of leader managers and heads of geodetic enterprises of the former Soviet Union graduated the Faculty of Geodesy.

Today 16 professors, doctors, and 29 associate professors perform training, educational and research works in the Institute. The total number of doctors is more than 60% of the total number of doctors in specialties geodesy, photogrammetry, cartography, cadastre and land monitoring working in Ukraine The Institute of Geodesy teaches more than 600 students. Their training is provided by six departments: Geodesy (Prof. O. Moroz), Cartography and Geospatial Modeling (Prof. P. Chernyaha), Higher Geodesy and Astronomy (Prof. F. Zablotskij), Engineering Geodesy (Prof. J. Kostetska), Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics (Prof. O. Dorozhynskyy), Cadastre  of territories (Prof. L. Perovych).


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