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Information for graduates of technical colleges!

Institute of Geodesy had made an agreement about joint activity with the following technical schools and colleges:

  • Technical college of land management of  Agroecological State University;
  • Technical college of Civil Engineering in Vinnytsa;
  • Buchach College of Podilskiy State Agrotechnical University;
  • Ecological Polytechnic school of Lviv State Agricultural University;
  • Volodymyr-Volynskiy Agricultural technical college;
  • Rivne State Agricultural College;
  • Municipal higher education institution “Carpathian forestry college”;
  • Lviv technical college of Civil Engineering.

According to these agreements the best graduates of polytechnic schools and colleges have the opportunity to continue studying in specialties:

5.070906″ Land management” and 070905 “Geodetic works and maintenance of surveying equipment” at the Institute of Geodesy, starting from the second year, and the distance learning – from the third year.

Since the students of Polytechnic colleges will receive diplomas at the end of June, they can equalize training programs and Polytechnic College to the Institute of Geodesy using the form of training – external till September 1st.

Thus graduates with the highest rating will be enrolled to free budget places.

Other graduates can study on a commercial basis.

To equalize the best graduates of polytechnic programs must prepare and deliver tests and exams in subjects:

General form of training

  • Geomorphologic practice – 54 hours.
  • Mathematical analysis – 108 hours.
  • Linear algebra and analytic geometry – 162 hours.

For distance learning it is necessary to prepare and deliver tests and exams in subjects:

  • Religion;
  • Linear algebra and analytic geometry;
  • Differential equations and series;
  • Geomorphologic practice.
  • Foreign language – 54 hours.
  • Philosophy – 54 hours.
  • Sociology – 54 hours.
  • Physics – 113 hours.
  • Physical training – 80 hours.
  • Mathematical analysis – 270 hours.
  • Chemistry – 54 hours.
  • Computers and programming – 81 hours.
  • Mathematical treatment of surveying products – 162 hours.

To continue training and to enroll to Lviv Polytechnic National University to the Institute of geodesy graduates of technical colleges must submit to the dean’s office the following documents:

  1. The pedagogical council recommendation from the college or technical college.
  2. Original and copy of high school diploma.
  3. Passport and copy of passport (pages 1, 2, 11).
  4. Identification number and a copy of it.
  5. Diploma and a copy of the diploma of junior specialist, and annex to the diploma of education.

Documents held from 1 April to 30 June.


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