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International Training Courses on GIS. Valencia (Spain)

From 4th to 17th  of April 2011 the Training Courses on GIS were held in the Polytechnic University of Valencia under the framework of the Tempus project “Geographic Information Technology for Sustainable  Development in Eastern neighboring countries”. Representatives of the Institute of Geodesy participated in this event.

Ihor Kolb and Lyubov Babiy (chair of photogrammetry and geoinformation), Yulia Holubinka (chair of cartography and spatial modeling), and Mariia Malanchuk (chair of cadastre of territory) represents those chairs of the Institute of Geodesy where subjects concerning on GIS are very important.

Main themes of lectures and practical exercises were studying of theoretical bases of GIS, practices with ArcGis and introduction to new development of Spanish scientists – geographic information system of open source gvSIG.

Also scientists and teachers from Moldova, Armenia and Kiev participated in the courses and all had possibilities to know about structure and studying conditions of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, visited laboratories of GIS and geodetic equipments.

Additionally, the study visit to Catalonian Cartographic Institute in Barcelona was very interesting and substantial. And, of course, there were a lot of exciting excursions, trips and meetings, unforgettable walk trips by narrow streets of ancient Valencia, flowers, orange trees, sea, and sun.

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